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Hi there! Welcome to my tumblob~ This is where I'm stashing all my FiM drawstuff. I'd really appreciate any and all feedback. ---- If you see a "cheerilie" anywhere (twitter, EqD comments, ponysquare, livestreams, etc.) chances are, it's me~! (except on dA: andouillers) ---- Thanks bunches for checking my stuff out, and have a great time doing whatever it is you are doing.

also have this lyra and bonbon thing i made during that week or so i was obsessed with ho hey (it’s bonbon being embarrassed by lyra serenading her with ho hey)(ok actually i have a whole story frame for it so y’all writer folk feel free to flesh it out, or write your own idk!! basically lyra is relentlessly flirty with bonbon and bb appreciates it but not in the open bc she is like not very sure about anything?? like feelings and stuff? and she’s very afraid of things like what other people think about her or w/e but she is starting to come to terms w liking lyra back bc theyve been friends for a while but n e ways so lyra wanted to do something speshul and so she arranged for pia (ikea) to set up a room in ikea with nice little lights in it and told her to tell bonbon to go there and then lyra saunters in singing and bonbon is mortified (even though there’s no one around idk she’s weird, mannn)and wow i can’t believe that took up so much space to write i swear it only occupies like 2 seconds worth of thought in my head 
MOI?!Portrait of The Great and Dramatic Trixie
some bohemian fs thing that happened just now. 
and so then this happened…she’s currently unnamed, and i’m not very good with actual pones as opposed to human pones but here you go~! her cm is a gravy boat.any name suggestions? 
Been Dreamin’Gala Dashie c: Something I’ve been working on… Part of a series I suppose.More soon~!(p.s. if you haven’t yet, would you please rate my design on welovefine’s my favorite pony: rainbow dash design contest? you need an account to do so, but registering is free and doesn’t take long at all… thank you!)
Hop, Skip, JUMP!an old one that i finally got around to finishing c:it’s hard to go back and finish old things ‘cause when i first started doing digital things a) i didn’t have any idea what layers were (and how useful they are!) so i was doing everything on one. layer. which is terrible and b) when i kind of started to use layers (as confusing as they were…) i was using this other program before pse that would always merge all the layers after the first save even though you would specify that you absolutely DIDN’T want that to happen… so going back and editing old works is a pain because i can’t just edit certain details independently of others.thankfully all that was left on this pinkie pie was her eyelashes and finishing her left hand, but on others like an old applejack piece i was working on i will probably never have the patience to fix or re-do. :c
Update on that WIP… It’s done, for now!
this is a wip obviously but with the way it’s going would you wear this if it were a shirt…?